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Founded November 16, 2000
The International Savannah Breeders' Association (TISBA) is composed of a group of dedicated breeders, owners and enthusiasts who are united in their efforts to preserve, improve and promote the future of all generations of the domestic Savannah cat.  One of TISBA's goals is to provide education to the general public, pet owners and Savannah breeders.

On November 16th, 2000 The International Progressive Cat Breeders' Alliance recognized TISBA as the official Savannah breed Charter. TISBA has remained in good standing in IPCBA since its inception.  TISBA has sole control of the future of the Savannah breed in IPCBA.

The International Progressive Cat Breeders' Alliance (IPCBA) was the first International all-breed registry to register Savannah cats and is the first to recognize them as an established breed !  All generations are registered in IPCBA's general domestic cat registry as Savannahs.  The first three generations of Savannah cats can be shown in Exhibition.  Fourth and subsequent generations of Savannahs cats are eligible for Championship competition.

TISBA is inclusive and does not restrict it's members on the bases of their membership in other organizations or by which registry (s) they support.  TISBA encourages it's members to be actively involved in  IPCBA, TICA and other domestic cat registries, and in all legislative issues that have the potential to effect Savannah cats.

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